Instagram followers

Importance of Actual Instagram followers

Some people assume that by finding a follower supplier online and buying followers that they’re going to be real people, however
this can be far from the truth. The majority of company’s selling followers will be selling fake followers although they might
advertise them as real, but in the fine print say that they’re real “looking”, meaning that they have been created by a program to
make them seem real. These kinds of followers will not engage with you, as they are created by a program so you’ll never find any
revenue or comments etc from them. They will also drop off after a while once Instagram finds the bot accounts and removes them
from the system, which can lead to a page dropping followers by the thousands. We do not sell fake followers at all, they’re all
real people that you can interact with and possibly lead to revenue for your own brand.

We recommend you to give our service a try before purchasing any fake followers, as we are positive you’ll find it far more effective!

Targeted Instagram Followers

InstaBuddy Agency works with you to identify users to target. This way we can be certain that the people we are promoting your
accounts to’re already interested in your specialty and will be much more likely to engage with you. We have a few different
options of targeting users, such as location based targeting, hashtag targeting, competitors targeting and the targeting of other
users followers. All of these choices are excellent in helping your page develop a good foundation of Instagram followers. We
pride ourselves in developing our clients account with actual followers, and if at any stage you feel you’re not receiving
followers as targeted as you want, we’re more than pleased to adjust your targeting and work with you to identify any targeting

Instabuddy Agency

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