Why Should You Use Instagram As 
A Traffic Source?

​Get A Lot of Free Quality Traffic

This is because Instagram has 350+ million monthly active users. It would be hard to not use this platform correctly. Another great thing about it is if you use any sort of automation. You really start to get a lot of free quality traffic.

Brand Awareness is Important

​Any business owner not tapping into Instagram traffic source is missing out for sure. Instagram is great for many things that increase sales. Brand awareness is important in any marketing campaign. ​

​Tap Into The Great Traffic Source

​You’ve finally decided to tap into the great traffic source of Instagram. Smart decision, people who aren’t using the Instagram platform are missing out on one of the internet biggest traffic sources.


Instagram Automation Tool?

InstaBuddy Agency works with you to determine the exact type of person you want to target. The trick to success is targeting the right people for you or your own brand. ​InstaBuddy make sure ​you're targeting real people who are legitimately interested in your specialty.

Our innovative software automates the liking, following, commenting process to attract real people to you or your brand. We take all the hard work out so, you do not have to do a thing!

Sit back and relax whilst ​InstaBuddy does the work for you! You'll continue to gain Instagram followers over the duration of your subscription and will be amazed at the increased engagement.

​Benefits Of InstaBuddy

InstaBuddy Agency ​is a full automated, all done for you software, No hosting needed. Just choose a 'sub-domain' name and we will setup the whole account for you. All sites will have a secure SSL Certificate.

​A complete Payment system is included so you can charge your clients without any problem. Payment methods; Paypal, Stripe and Pagseguro, just enter your Data and you are all done!

​Step by Step Video course are included so you can easy setup your site and start making money, just sit down and watch easy the videos, A​lso we offer a FREE 365 days support.

Grow With InstaBuddy

With InstaBuddy Agency you will not alone grow on Instagram, but you will also see grow your income. Just think about it; You sell your accounts for $40 , You can choose the 'InstaBuddy Agency Light' witch cost $225 and you can sell on that Agency version 250 accounts. So 250X$40= $10.000 !!!! That is a 'hugh' Profit!

And if your 'Instabuddy Agency Light' version is 'sold out' you can easy upgrade (With a big disscount!), and without any 'new' setup, to the 'Instabuddy Agency Delight' or to the 'Instabuddy Agency Star',


Auto Activity

Set your desired settings for Like, Comment, Follow, Follow-Back, Repost Media from users/followers on auto-pilot 

Target Activity

Find your important targets with multiple selections. You can choose hashtags, locations, usernames, feed timeline 

Filter Activity

High filter of targeting the most relevant users. These settings will vary depending on your needs, these settings have a high impact.

Comment Activity

Comments are  very important on Instagram. Create your own 'original' comments, our great feature 'Do not comment same user' is a fact!

Hashtag Activity

Choosing the right Hashtags will mean that you are interacting with users who want to grow their accounts Look at other accounts, find what hashtags they are using and search them with our 'search on Instagram app'.

Location Activity

A brand new feature. It allows you to reach target markets in a given location, which for some business will be an considerable value. If you know where your potential followers or customers are you should use  this  graet feature.

Username Activity

Choose the users you want to follow. Find those users who have the same type of interests and followers as yours. You can choose by locations, hashtags. Also you can setup a blacklist for users if you find out that users are sending 'Spam'.

Messages Activity

All done on auto-pilot, your new followers will receive a message. You can create multiple kind of messages, be creative! and make your 'welcome' messages the most original and beautyfull standing out there on Instagram.

There are hunderds of posebilitys on Instabuddy Agency. Recently we added the 'Blacklist Feature' for Users , Hashtags and Keywords, and more is comming up!

​Customer Stories

​Jane Goldman - Social Media Expert

Nothing wrong to say about Instabuddy Agency, just orded my 'instabuddy light' agency and already have 300 new followers on my Instagram account.

Fred Brean - Social Media Guru

I got suprised by the quick setup of my 'subdomain' just send my choosen subdomain to the support team and in 5 minutes i got my access . Now watching those tut's. ;-) 

Chris Altez - Social Media Expert

There are many tools out there that will help the process more. Without using automation you are behind the curve and missing out on traffic.Instabuddy is different!


That Is Very Interesting... But What is Included?

All Done For You Software

No setup no hosting needed*, We take care on everything. When you order our product you will have to choose for a 'subdomain name' Example >> You would like to name your agency >> "autoliker" >> The access for you and your clients would be >> https://autoliker.instabuddy.host , just as easy as that.

Administrator Panel

You have total access to your administrator panel, no restrictions. Setup your site and start working and selling. A complete 'Billing System' is included you can work with Paypal,Stripe and pagseguro. If you encounter any problem just contact our support team.

Instabuddy Needs Proxies

Yes and this is because we don’t want Instagram to connect the dots and ban all our accounts. This is why we use proxies, to look like we come from a different place. Instabuddy agency can offer you very good dedicated proxies for a low montly price. Just remember to use 6 or 10 Instagram accounts for 1 proxie.


Our clients are very important, and they deserve the best! So Instabuddy Agency will promise to help and assist the customers with anything in relation with our product, there will be no kind of charge for our support. Also the updates will be free of charge

You convinced Me What Plans Do You Offer?

HURRY UP!!  Special Launch Offer ONLY 3 DAYS After 3 Days The Client Accounts Will Decrease to 50 , 200 and 500


Instabuddy Agency Light

  • check
    Create 100 Client Accounts
  • check
    SSL And Host *
  • check
    Build in Payment System
  • check
    Free Support
  • check
    Administrator Panel
  • check
    1 month 5 free dedicated proxies
InstaBuddy Agency Light

Instabuddy Agency Delight

  • check
    Create 300 Client Accounts
  • check
    SSL And Host *
  • check
    Build in Payment System
  • check
    Free Support
  • check
    Administrator Panel
  • check
    1 month 5 free dedicated proxies
InstaBuddy Agency Delight

Instabuddy Agency Star

  • check
    Create 600 Client Accounts
  • check
    SSL And Host *
  • check
    Build in Payment System
  • check
    Free Support
  • check
    Administrator Panel
  • check
    1 month 5 free dedicated proxies
InstaBuddy Agency Star

* The first 6 months there will be NO charge for hosting and server maintenance, after 6 month's there will be a  charge of $30 for 12 months.


At ​InstaBuddy we are so confident that you will love our service, that we'll give your money back if you don't!

If a customer, for any reason is not completely satisfied within 15 days after activating service, InstaBuddy will refund the cost of  your plan and any taxes/fees (excludes the cost of shipping if applicable).

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